Our Ten Point Program includes the following:

Advertising -- We provide all the skills necessary to attract a qualified tenant.
Showings -- We take the responsibility for showing your vacancies to prospective Tenants.
Screening -- We screen tenants thoroughly by ordering credit reports, checking with prior landlords, checking employment and compiling other background information.
Rental Agreements -- We prepare and administer all the necessary paperwork.
Tenant Requests -- We handle all tenant request or complaints, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Maintenance -- We prepare vacant properties for occupancy quickly, performing any repairs or cleaning that might be necessary.
Payment of Expenses -- We pay all expenses of the property, including:
- Mortgage Payments - Insurance Payments
- Property Taxes - Utilities
- Maintenance & Repair Expenses  
Collection of Income -- We collect all income, including:
- Rents - Insurance Payments
- Late Charges - NSF Fees
- Security Deposits - Water Rationing Fees
- Pet Deposits  
Accounting -- Complete accounting including the following monthly financial reports:
- Income statement - Cash Receipts Listing
- Financial Position Report - Cash Disbursements Listing
- Profit & Loss Spread Analysis - Arrears Reporting
- 1099 Year End Tax Reporting  
Year End Reporting -- Timely and complete reporting for your end of year tax reporting.

The only thing the Property Owner has to do is review his or her monthly financial statement, Star Oak Properties does all the rest.